It's time to get serious only for a minute.  After all, we're talkin' about your success or failure on your first trip out with a Crazy Craw... Lure.  Read the following topics unless you are an "old pro" on that particular subject.  The MUST READ section is Technique for your Crazy Craw... Lure.

Rod & Reel
Our lures are designed to be used with a medium/light action rod and reel.  The rod should be designated no heavier than "Med Act. 1/8 - 1/2 oz.  lure.  4 - 12 lb line."  Dr. Crazy recommends an IM6-IM8 graphite.  Use a med/light reel designed to carry about 150 yds. of 4 lb. test.  If your reel has a line length carrying capacity listed for line over 10 lbs., your reel is probably too heavy.  Use good quality fishing line !    Stay away from the cheap stuff.  You get what you pay for, and if you go "on the cheap"; you will pay to lose your fish !  Dr. Crazy recommends Berkley's Extra Strength Trilene in the low visibility green.  Use 4 or 6 lb. test.  Lighter line will produce more strikes, longer casts, and much greater feel for the lure and fish action.  Of course, you have to be a bit more delicate when landing your fish with lighter test line.  Keep an easy drag !  Dr. Crazy recommends 6-8 lb. only when fishing heavy underbrush.

When & Where
:  Best fishing is daybreak and dusk, especially in clearer water.  If fishing murky or deep water, your timing is less critical.   If it's hot,  fish shady areas, around cool water inflows, near springs, or deep water.  If cool, cast or troll the shoreline.

Technique for your Crazy Craw... Lure
:  Almost as important as the lure itself, is your technique.  With a Crazy Craw... Lure, you need to use Dr. Crazy's casting and trolling techniques.  When casting, stay as far away from where the fish are "holding" as possible by making long cast.  Long casts are easy if you are using the right equipment as described above.  Allow your Crazy Craw... Lure to flutter to within 1 foot of the bottom, give an swift twitch,  (if you have no idea where the bottom is, allow your lure to sink for 3 seconds) then crank the reel slowly ! . After covering just a few feet, let the Crazy Craw... Lure flutter down again for a couple of seconds and twitch it again and resume slow cranking.  Continue this sequence until you have recovered the lure.  Stay very alert.  Fish very often strike the Crazy Craw... Lure on the "flutter-down-drop".  At the slightest bump of the lure, SET THE HOOK!  When trolling, gauge your trolling speed by dropping the lure alongside the boat where it is visible, and while you are trolling at the slowest speed achievable with your vehicle and trolling motor.  Increase your speed only as necessary to maximize action.  2 - 4 mph should do it.  It is imperative that you learn the optimum speed for your Crazy Craw... Lure whether casting or trolling.  All lures will "misbehave" at some speed, and since Crazy Craw... Lures are designed for phenomenal action at a crawl; they will not perform optimally at anything but SLOW speed !  Do not buy Crazy Craw... Lures for speed-trolling or rapid retrieve.  With typical lures, faster means more action. This is not so with Crazy Craw... Lures. CRAWL IT!